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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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122                      THE FATE OF MAN

Christianity has many unpleasant associations:
Christians seem to have done everything possible
to facilitate modern anti-religious propaganda
among the labouring classes. The task of creating
a more just and humane social order has fallen
into the hands of anti-Christians, rather than Chris-
tians themselves. The divine has been torn apart
from the human. This is the basis of all judgment,
in the moral sphere, now being passed upon
Christianity. All too often Christianity has been
anti-human—has summoned men to fulfilment of
the commandment to love God, without sufficient
attention to the other, to love one's neighbour.
Christians have drawn false moral conclusions
from the doctrine of original sin, have denied
man's creative capacity, and given their support
to those forms of social order which gave rise to
pressure and suffering, because they considered
this good for sinful man. One of the worst
examples of this deformation of Christian truth
we find in relation to the virtue of obedience and
humility. How often ,this has been distorted
into humility in the face of evil, obedience to evil
itself, a denial of personal conscience! The
religion of love and mercy has been transformed
into a proclamation of cruel and relentless
attitudes toward men. God's very idea of man
as His image has been betrayed, as has that of the
God-man and Divine-human life.